During the 1970s, FBI undercover agent Donnie Brasco (Johnny Depp) infiltrated in a New York mob family and worked together with Lefty Ruggiero (Al Pacino). Lefty can't seem to make enough money, his son is a drug addict and he is continually passed over for promotion within the crime family. He continually reminds Brasco of his growing disillusionment about having spent 30 years as a wiseguy (and killing 26 people), with little to show for it.

In Donnie, at least, Lefty sees a young protégé who might be able to succeed where he failed. He takes Donnie under his wing. Donnie quickly becomes accepted by the other family members, as an "associate" (the lowest Mafia rank describing people who have criminal ties to the Mafia but are not actual members) and is later nearly officially inducted into the mob as a "made man." 

Al Pacino wears a double breasted fur collar coat in the movie. The question is, was this the inspiration for GANT Rugger designer Christopher Bastin to design the High Roller?  An old man's coat fully lined with fake fur. Pimp meets Prep, next level steez.

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Efren Palacios said...

I've been looking for a coat like this since 1997!! Awesome coat!