The Peuterey brand, introduced in 2002, takes inspiration from the name of a crest on Mont Blanc, one of the most fascinating routes on the Alps. The close link with the theme of discovery and travelling explains the very soul of the brand, reviewing a practical and versatile “timeless sportswear” concept with a modern take. 

Last week, I was invited for the grand opening of the second Peutery Flagship store outside Italy.
The store is located at the Komedieplaats, Antwerp between luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren & Paul Smith. On two floors of 60 and 120 sq. m. the brand presents the Peuterey and Aiguille Noire collections. The innovative modular and flexible display is emphasized by bronzed iron hangers, bronzed glass shelves, and round wooden displays. Visible concrete and carpeting add up to these recurring materials, which act as a reference to the philosophy of continuing experimentation, innovation, and research on materials. This store ain't just selling high end jackets but also has a high end interior. 

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