I would like you to meet Carlos Castillo & Jorge Navares, the Spanish Dandy's of MAN1924.
Known for their Spanish Sprezzatura, well-dressed but never over-styled. They are the guys behind the Kennedy Jacket an unconstructed blazer with soft shoulders in a relax-fit.

Carlos Castillo
The founder’s grandson, took over his grandfather’s businesses in1989. The company became essential for the elite society in their country. The MAN 1924 garments are manufactured following authentic and unique designs, using meticulous tailoring processes. The result is a high quality design with an unrivalled style, which has won the heart of the industry icons, such as The Sartorialist. Carlos is without any doubt the creative soul of Man 1924.

Jorge Navares
Successor of the Navares family, Jorge has a wide experience in the tailoring and men’s fashion field. He shares his responsibilities between Man 1924 and Denis, another of the reference men’s fashion brands in this country. Jorge Navares is unmistakable for his style, and along with Carlos Castillo provides the essence of Man 1924, a firm that does not know about borders, trends or fashion.

"Easy Going"

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Dandies not Dandy's