Wish you all a happy and healthy 2012, and my all your wishes come true.



As 2011 comes to it's end it time to look forward to a new season "Spring/Summer 2012". Above you see some pictures from the Engineerd Garments lookbook. Japanese designer Daiki Suzuki (I don't know whether he is family of "the Suzuki")founded Engineered Garments in New York in 1999. Engineered Garments clothing is influenced by American Sportswear, Outdoor Clothing and Military Uniform. Taking its name from brands first pattern maker who remarked that the clothing was engineered as apposed to designed. Engineered Garments philosophy is based around bringing the detailing, often looked over in modern menswear, back with a focus on authenticity.



The William Brown Project visited the Rugby Store on Bleecker Street during the Holiday Season. Look how great they are those "Xmas checked" peacoat's and blazers and those Nordic sweaters. It feels like Christmas in Manhattan.



Meet Michael, today I stumble into a blog called Fashion Four Men, Micael is the guy who runs this blog and you can tell by his pictures that he loves food, his wife and his Bulldog, Puddy. But most of all he has a great style of dressing himself, it's preppy with an edge of workwear or is it workwear with an edge of preppy. You tell me. I must say I like the way he rocks out flannel shirts......

His wife has great style too!

Don't even mention Puddy.



More and more you see the guys wearing monk straps whether it's a single strap or a double strap. And if they wear a double monk strap it's cool to undo the above strap, and this is why:

Scott Schuman [The Sartorialist]
“I don’t always do it but when I do it’s because the shoes are new. Monkstraps buckle higher on the foot than lace ups and when they are new they are stiff and the top buckle can dig into the foot, hence buckling just the bottom buckle until I break them in. Also I like the free and easy style of one buckle. There is something to be said of being able to slip off your shoes in a heartbeat!”
Sean Sullivan [The Impossible Cool]
“Honestly, I wish I had a good reason for doing it, but it’s really only because it’s the most comfortable way to wear them. Like most of us in New York City, I walk a tremendous amount and my feet get tired fast with both straps buckled up. So I guess it’s a case of necessity turning into a style!”
Matt Lambert [Sales Associate, Sid Mashburn]
“Loafers have always felt a bit dainty on me, so I wear the double monks as my version of a loafer. The single buckling chills the whole shoe out a little. However, always buckle up when attending funerals.”

(Interview posted by GILT MANual)