Nigel Cabourn opened his first standalone UK and European flagship store in London on 25th September. Taking residence in 28 Henrietta Street, in the heart of Covent Garden, Nigel Cabourn brings his retail concept, The Army Gym, to the capital from Japan where there are currently six stores across the country.
With over 40 years experience in menswear, Nigel is recognised worldwide as an iconic British designer and his innovative approach to design will be reflected in the aesthetic of his London Army Gym.  Featuring a reclaimed wooden floor and stripped back walls to reveal the original brickwork and timbers, the space is flooded with light via huge sash windows that look out onto the grounds of St Paul’s Church.  
The interior fittings will reflect Nigel’s passion for vintage, military and exploration memorabilia and will provide customers with the ultimate Cabourn experience showcasing, under one roof, Nigel’s British, Japanese and women’s collections and selected collaborations.
(pics via Selectism)
Nigel Cabourn – The Army Gym: 28 Henrietta Street, London WC2E



The lookbook of Beams+ shows us how to be Preppy 2.0

San Francisco, CA is known as a port city in the US west coast that fostered rich culture with its liberal atmosphere. The Beat Generation in the 1950’s, the Summer of Love in the 60’s, and the Backpacker Boom in the 70’s are some examples. San Francisco made them realized by accepting various people from different backgrounds. Today, San Francisco bay area hosts many I.T and high-tech companies and entrepreneurs from all over the states. On the other hand, the city still has classic charm of the authentic American traditional style, as well. The men’s store “Cable Car Clothiers” has been loved by the locals since 1939 and they wear tweed jackets in the chilly morning.
In this season, BEAMS PLUS presents the collection that focuses on the diversity of San Francisco, the city that values both liberal ideas and old traditions. The brand has updated American traditional styles again by using nostalgic outdoor details, hippy style patchwork, and advanced fabrics.



Renowned photographer Horst A. Friedrichs offers his inspirational take on the very best of contemporary denim style. Denim is one of the most versatile clothing materials and its loyal fans can be found everywhere. Over the decades it's been the symbol of farmers, rebels, hippies, and men in leisure suits. Denim is loved by designers for its durability and economy--and once again, the hottest fashion trendsetters are featuring the material in unprecedented iterations. In his signature style, Horst A. Friedrichs has scoured the streets of London looking for the most interesting and exciting examples of denim fashion. This book takes in all aspects of the thriving denim culture, whose followers can be obsessive about how the denim is woven, the old shuttle looms that produce it, the people who weave it, and the skills and techniques they have and use. Pages of gorgeous photographs of denim wear will inspire today's style conscious and trendspotters alike. (text via Amazon.com)



It's 50 years ago that American & Canadian troops invaded Europe to make an end at WWII.
 This summer other troops from across the ocean invaded the UK, Club Monaco opened it's doors of 
the first Europe Club Monaco Men Store recently opened in Shoreditch, London. A location filled with other premium retailers including the likes of A.P.C., Aesop, Opening Ceremony and others, the Redchurch Street location is filled with brands latest, surrounded by a plush exterior that has both curbside appeal and a alluring charm inside.

Offering a few external brands including Saucony and Golden Bear, the storefront also implements drink tastings with a few fine whiskeys in house. Check out a look inside the shop below and make sure to swing by if you’re in the area.

Club Monaco - 54 Redchurch Street, London



Nigel Cabourn will open its first UK and European flagship store in London on September 25th.

The 925 square foot store will be on Henrietta Street, and will be the first in a wave of new openings on the street, marking the start of the street’s regeneration as a new shopping destination for men.

Nigel Cabourn said: “The success of Nigel Cabourn The Army Gym in Japan has been phenomenal. We recently opened our sixth store there in Tokyo so it’s very exciting to be now launching our seventh in London. The location of the store is crucial and Henrietta Street, in the heart of Covent Garden, is an area of continued growth and development with a great atmosphere and good mix of quality retailers.”