GANT presented the latest Michael Bastian collection inside one of the artist studio at The Art Student League in New York City. The setting was a perfect one for the Bastian and GANT to showcase their “Stockbridge” Fall 2013 collection. Inspired by the illustrations of Norman Rockwell and the town of Stockbridge, MA where the artist lived, the GANT by Michael Bastian collection is a back to roots collection of garments that reflect the everyday wear of the subjects of Rockwell’s paintings. (check the GANT by Michael Bastian lookbook @ Selectism)




Nick Clements is the man behind, a "must read" magazine called Men's File. For his latest issue
he shot a story called "CAMPUS - Ivy Style Today". Inspired by brands like GANT with it's Yale Co-Op collection and Gant Rugger, Nick Clements re-enacted the campus lifestyle in the 50s and 60s. In Men's File 8 we just see a teaser of his upcoming book Campus which will be released in the early summer of 2013. If I see those pics I can't wait to have the book in my hands. The models are wearing Gant Rugger & Gant Yale shirts, furthermore items from Ralph Lauren and McGregor just to name a few. Great job Nick.



When I was in Florida, last December, I stumbled into a J.Crew Store and saw a great display
filled with handkerchiefs of HAV-A-HANK. My eye was caught the 50s inspired boxes. I couldn't resist and bought the pink one for just 12 bucks. These hankies are made in Greenville, SC for  Japanese brand Anonymous ism, Hav-A-Hank hankies are crafted of brightly colored, dip-dyed cotton with traditional bandana print and in a smaller size that's perfect for using in place of a pocket square. Carolina Manufacturing has a long and proud history in the textile and retail industry. Founded in 1947, when they provided an assortment of products to dime stores, pharmacies and various retail outlets. They quickly, became a leading manufacturer of men’s handkerchiefs under the Hav-A-Hank national brand.



Why do we call this piece of fashion a Beanie?
The cloth covered button on the crown is about the size of a bean and may be the origin of the term "beanie," though some academics believe that the term is derived from a type of headgear worn in some medieval universities. The yellow hats ("bejaunus," that is, "yellowbill" later "beanus," a term used for both the hats and the new students) evolved into the college beanies of later years. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the etymology is uncertain, but probably derives from the slang term "bean", meaning "head". (text from Wikipedia, pics via Tommy Ton)



I bought myself a book called "Locals Only" with beautiful pictures of Hugh Holland. No, I'am not a skater and I'm not willing to learn it, but what I do like is how Hugh holland shows us how we dressed in the 70's, cool Van's, Adidas & Nike sneakers & look how the girl in the last picture rocks here Clark's Wallabees.

 In 1975, when Hugh Holland first began photographing the skateboarders in southern California, he had already been living in Los Angeles for nine years. His interest in photography had developed in the mid-sixties as a 20-year-old living in his native state of Oklahoma. Except for a college job working in a photo lab, Holland had no formal art education. Driving up Laurel Canyon Boulevard one afternoon, Holland encountered his first skateboarders carving up the drainage ditches along the side of the canyon. Although not a skateboarder himself, he knew he had found his subject.



As some of you maybe know I started my own business called Chad's Agency. This weekend I completed my showroom and I'm ready to sell the F/W 2013 collection of Arrow. The showroom is a mixture of vintage finds and modern design. The office table is a Vitra, with the Oxford chairs of Arne Jacobson a design from 1965 for the Oxford University. On ebay I found that beautiful vitrine table used in an English museum. Arrow is an American shirt brand over 150 years old with a lot of heritage, that was the inspiration for my showroom.