Paltò originates from the study of the construction and use of the "garment", which from its beginnings has been essential and indispensible for protection from the winter cold, both in the country and in town.
The topcoat was considered a valued garment, to be treasured over time, and whose choice was a unique event to be shared with the whole family; in the collective imagination of our grandfathers, every "distinguished" man had a "paltò" (from the French paletot).
It subsequently became an icon par excellence of elegance.
All the key players of the exciting years of "la dolce vita", the cinema and rock 'n' roll, from Mastroianni to Jean Paul Belmondo, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Robert de Niro, Mick Jagger and John Lennon wore one.
So the Overcoat is not only a garment for protecting oneself from the cold, but in itself expresses the enhancement of and attention to a man's appearance. 
(contact D-Lux Concept for dealers in the Benelux)


MAN 1924 - FALL WINTER 2015

Jorge Navares of MAN 1924 sent me these pictures of the Fall/Winter 2015 collection.
It was great to meet Jorge & Carlos Castillo last week, they are so passionate about their work, and that passion they put in every piece of the collection. Guys keep up the great work you are doing and I hope will meet again. - Easy Going - 



Last weekend Amsterdam was the centre of the Fashion Universe. As you maybe or maybe not know
I'm the agent for Arrow in The Netherlands and we had the opportunity to show our Fall/Winter 2015
collection to the retailers at de Modefabriek.
 The collection of Arrow is based on 3 capsules. We have a great Classic program with nice dress shirts in faux uni, checks, stripes and of course some prints. The second capsule is Casual, for a complete outfit such as shirts, knitwear like the donegal with shawl collar and my favorite piece the Monty Coat a shorter version which makes it more 2015. And last but not least the Arrow Blue Jeans program. a shirt program made like a blue-pack.
This issue of de Modefabriek was well visited with retailers from The Netherlands & Belgium. I enjoyed it very much and the best part, you will find Arrow in even more stores comparing to last year.



The Nigel Cabourn AW15 collection celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Sir Vivian Fuchs (see my previous post). Fur-trim coats, chunky knitwear and vintage-inspired jackets are just some of the key pieces prepared to keep you extremely toasty during the winter months.
Pics via Vogue UK



The year 2014 was the hundredth anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance expedition, which aimed to complete the first crossing of Antarctica. He did not succeed, and his great vision rapidly turned into a now-legendary struggle for survival. Shackleton’s lifelong dream—to cross the continent—was at last realized by Sir Vivian Fuchs and Sir Edmund Hillary in 1957-58. As a key member of this Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, Everest veteran George Lowe was there to capture it all on film.

This expedition inspired Nigel Cabourn for his FW2015 collection.



As most of the European buyers went from Florence & Milan straight to Berlin, there was also another Fair going on at the other end of the big sea. New York hosted the Capsule Show and George Elder did us the favor the shoot the people in the street.