I wish everybody a Merry X-Mas enjoy the warmth of your family and friends around you!



Last week, just in-time for the Holidays, Todd Snyder opened his store in New York. The store's concept comes from Snyder's appreciation of London menswear shops that populate Savile Row and Jermyn Street and the fact that those purveyors of gentlemanly goods don't really exist in the states. Snyder also pulled aesthetic inspiration from himself, or rather his brand's four stores in Japan that have opened over the last two years. 

And the home of Todd Snyder is certainly stocked, replete with not just the designer's namesake line of A+ sportswear, tailoring, and essential winter outerwear, but also his ongoing collaboration with Champion, his white hot Timex watches, an entire area dedicated to British wares (think: Globetrotter luggage, John Smedley knits, and Mackintosh coats including one excellent reversible waterproof denim version), a Moscot shop-in-shop, a massive selection of Aesop products, a full-time on-site tailor (with 30 years experience), a barber shop, and a coffee bar slash actual bar.

Todd Snyder is located at 25 Madison Square North in New York City.



The Movie

Alice & Roy Holubar
Vintage ad from the 70's

 We all know the movie The Deerhunter with Robert de Niro in his iconic Orange Mountain Jacket, but a few know that this jacket is a Holubar Jacket.

Holubar began informally in 1946 in the basement of Alice and Roy Holubar’s house in Boulder, Colorado, when they decided to buy World War II mountaineering equipment from an army surplus warehouse to supply the many outdoor enthusiasts in the area. Soon after, they started to sew down-filled sleeping bags and then also parkas and backpacks. When an important order came from the Arctic Institute of North America a year later, they bought a business license and started formal operations. To make a long story short in 1981 North Face took over the company and a iconic American brand disappeared. In 2008/9 there was this Italian clothing company Fritz SRL seeking to bring back the heritage of a great American outdoor brand. Based in Northern Italy in the city of Pordenone. This Fall/Winter 2016 collection is their fifth season ready to make you The Urban Deer Hunter.



RRL West Broadway NYC

RRL West Broadway NYC

RRL West Broadway NYC

RRL West Broadway NYC

RRL West Broadway NYC

RRL Tokyo Japan

RRL Tokyo Japan

Crazy Horse Window Directive - Cover

Crazy Horse Window Directive - Concept

Crazy Horse Window Directive - Concept
The Holiday season is coming and it's time to prep your store for the most wonderful time of the year.
During some surfing on the net I came across above example of the Holiday windows of Double RL and how they prepare them. The Double RL holiday 2014 window concepts were inspired by the Wild West of the late 1800s.  These windows portray an emerging boomtown during the expansion of the American frontier.  

The concept starts with a directive that is distributed to all RRL stores worldwide. Each regional store implements these concepts according to their individualized spaces, budgets and climates.
(pics via Kyo Yamanaka Noble)
Let these pics inspire you to make your store look like a million.
Happy Holidays!!!