As those harsh winter days are coming we have to keep ourselves comfy don't you agree? And cord has that look and feel. We don't want to look like that old grumpy science teacher so bear in mind some tips.

1) Go for Classic Colors:
Corduroy is all about texture. So let that take center stage and choose a color that's classic but not put-you-to-bed boring. Go for hunter green, rich marine blue, or teddy bear brown.

2) Keep It Crispy:
Unlike leather, corduroy does not look better with age. Retire anything with too-worn cuffs, or get messed-up elbows or knees. If it's too far gone (and you should know when that happens), pick up a crisp new blazer or pant with an updated fit.

 3) Know Your Wale:
Corduroy comes in varying degrees of thick or thin wale (this refers to the ribs of the fabric). You should go for thin to medium. Thick-wale corduroy slides too quickly into leisure-suit territory.

4) Get the Fit Just Right:
Resist the urge to get too comfy in your cords. This blazer should fit as sharply as any other suit jacket. If it doesn't fit that way off the rack, take it to a tailor



I would like you to meet Carlos Castillo & Jorge Navares, the Spanish Dandy's of MAN1924.
Known for their Spanish Sprezzatura, well-dressed but never over-styled. They are the guys behind the Kennedy Jacket an unconstructed blazer with soft shoulders in a relax-fit.

Carlos Castillo
The founder’s grandson, took over his grandfather’s businesses in1989. The company became essential for the elite society in their country. The MAN 1924 garments are manufactured following authentic and unique designs, using meticulous tailoring processes. The result is a high quality design with an unrivalled style, which has won the heart of the industry icons, such as The Sartorialist. Carlos is without any doubt the creative soul of Man 1924.

Jorge Navares
Successor of the Navares family, Jorge has a wide experience in the tailoring and men’s fashion field. He shares his responsibilities between Man 1924 and Denis, another of the reference men’s fashion brands in this country. Jorge Navares is unmistakable for his style, and along with Carlos Castillo provides the essence of Man 1924, a firm that does not know about borders, trends or fashion.

"Easy Going"



How about a little bit of layering inspiration? I love to wear a knitted cardigan as layer piece under my blazer. Normally I wear muted tones like navy, camel and grey, but those guys wearing colored cardigans really inspire me to go bold!



“The Filson Ballard store aims to make shopping a personable and warm transaction. Together with local craftsmen, we wanted to build a neighborhood store where the history of Filson and Ballard comes together. It’s an intimate, quirky space that reveals the folky, salty side of who we are,”  says Filson’s creative director Alex Carleton. 

The shop, which opened in 2016 carries many familiar, iconic Filson pieces along with some custom limited-edition knitwear, T-shirts, hoodies, bags and caps that are available in-store only.

The space is an apt, beautiful tribute to Filson’s 119 years of providing rugged gear and apparel to its hard-working and outdoor-loving customers.