Must have of the FRADI collection for the spring / summer 2018 is the “Postage”, the exclusive and innovative Pocket Jacket that introduces a new concept of dress.

The iconic “Postage” signed by FRADI breaks the rules and goes beyond the impeccable style features of the traditional jacket mixing them with the most typical of knit garments as comfort, adherence and easy fit.
The result is a Pocket Jacket made of soft jersey with compact and ultralight textures, which is reflected in a wide range of colors ranging from blue to solid color or to white, with neutral shades like gray and mud.
Innovative technical features such as fabric that does not bother to ensure a look that is always in order, plus extreme versatility make the FRADI “Postage” signature the perfect garment to be worn from early spring until the end of summer and combined with the vault At times differently with shirts, shirts, vests or T-shirts becomes the passepartout garment for every occasion and the touch of distinctive style to complete every look.

To emphasize the uniqueness of the new Pocket Jacket FRADI the special packaging that encloses it: an original envelope with a postage, which gives the “Postage” icon even more exclusive.



Seen at the Pitti Uomo but the street style pics of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) confirm it.
 It's the end of an era...No more suit and tie! The T-shirt made it's move into formal wear. Once used by workers to keep them from sweating, made populair by James Dean in the movies is now a key piece in your wardrobe.



Slowear is a world in which a consistent style creates a look of casual, timeless elegance.

It all started in 1951 when the first Incotex pant saw daylight in Venice.
Incotex is the pioneer of smart casual, the result of a unique blend of sartorial imprinting, innovative treatments and cutting-edge workmanship.

Over the course of time Incotex became a guarantee of quality, elegance and durability. Meanwhile, founder Carlo Compagno passed the baton on to his sons Roberto and Marzio, who broadened the Incotex universe by acquiring other brands, all of which shared a high level of specialization.
hus it was that sophisticated Zanone knitwear, impeccable Montedoro jackets and accessories, and Glanshirt shirts and blouses joined forces with Incotex.



The bandana makes it's way from a useful accessoire into fashion.
 It started with the guys who wanted to look rugged and outdoorsy, but that's history.
 You separate the man from the boys with a bandana combined with every outfit, whether it's a rugged denim our a dressual outfit. 



The postman not always has to rings twice! Yesterday he delivered my goodies from Sanborn Canoe Co.  Not only I'm happy to receive the goodies I ordered but it also reminds me to my visit to the workshop in Winona, MN. It was mid May and I took a road trip from Minneapolis to Winona through the rolling hills with farms on your left and right hand side. When I arrived in the small village of Winona I passed by the workshop several times because there was no sign of Sanborn on the building. When I entered the workshop I was welcomed by Abbey and Todd.

Todd took me on a guided tour through every stage of building a paddle from selecting the wood to the painting by hand of the graphics. Todd and his buddy Zak started Sanborn Canoe as a summer project inspired by the lakes and outdoors of Minnesota and the stories of Grandpa making paddles and canoes in the 60s. In the Fall of 2012 the launched their Artisan Painted Paddle line. Inspired, by when the voyageurs travelled the landscape of the new world by canoe, trading and carving out a new culture all their own.

In the Spring of 2016 Todd & Zak bought Merrimack Canoes a company which builds canoes since 1954 and are now proudly build in Winona in the same way as they started in Merrimack, NH

After the tour I had to play darts, this is becoming a tradition within the company, every visitor has to play darts and the score is put on the wall.

I want to thank Todd and the company for their hospitality and wish them save paddles.