Parbleu began in 2016 with one guy. A sneaker enthusiast in heart and soul. Growing up in the eighties and nineties, he watched from the side-lines the phenomenal rise of US and German sportswear brands. Too young to buy those air-filled masterpieces, yet old enough to understand their significance. When he was eventually able to buy his own footwear he finally got to nurture what was by then a healthy sneaker fetish. And put together an awe-inspiring collection of the best the sneaker industry had to offer.
But as he grew older, his tastes changed. Moving towards the so-called classic sneakers. The simpler the better. And it’s with this attitude he design Parblue sneakers today: sophisticated retakes on classic silhouettes. Using extraordinary premium materials, to provide you with a superior sneaker for a fair price. 
Go check yourself on their website or in some high end stores in Amsterdam like 1 and Pauw.

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