The overriding idea for J.Crew's latest Fashion Week collection was to put a contemporary twist on their heritage. Frank Muytjens took some of the classics that date back to the '80s—like a rugby shirt and those woodland animals that pop up on ties and shirts that we call “critters”—and then combined them with some contemporary looks, like wide-leg pants, raw denim and technical athletic wear. It’s heritage rebooted. 
When it came to styling this modern J.Crew guy, Frank looked back to his own roots as a New Wave art school kid in early ‘80s Holland. “The whole idea behind these looks is to capture that moment when a young man knows he’ll have to wear a suit some day, and he’s all right with that, but he’s going to play around with it first,” Frank said. “He might wear a tuxedo shirt, but he’ll leave the cuffs undone.” It was all about toying with (and redefining) menswear codes: mixing high and low, traditional and irreverent. As Frank summed up the collection: “Young or old, creative or buttoned down, everyone can express their personality through what they wear and how they make it their own.” 

I just can add to this: Hat's off Frank

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