Dreams come true!

Thomas Oeben started some 10 years ago in the fashion industry al these years there was just one thing on his mind, one day I will open my own store. In 2014 when he and his girlfriend went to Florida for a well deserved holiday they paid a visit to Miami's local hero Supply & Advise, that was more or less the birth of Oeben's Mercantile.
 The Oeben's family have worked on the railroads and as merchants or independent businessmen since the 1800's. To honor the family legacy, the collection of Oeben's Mercantile includes true workwear such as denim, soft and thick oxford shirts and rugged outerwear. A careful selection of tailored pieces, complimented by fine shirts and ties will provide today's merchants and entrepreneurs with all they need to take on the world. Obean's Mercantile is founded to supply today's men with menswear, denim & tailoring with the service which is sometimes forgotten in the modern day world. 
You can find the heritage of the Oeben's family throughout the store with hints to the railroad, like a locomotive in the logo and on the counter and the coat and hat of a machinist. 

Oeben's Mercantile
Oudkerkhof 34
The Netherlands

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