American Blues Trading was established in 1989, originally exporting used denim to Europe and Japan.  In the last 25 years, they have evolved into a diversified used apparel company, importing and exporting high end period vintage clothing to research and design clients all over the world. In addition to clothing, they also house and offer classic Americana vintage props and retail fixtures.The collection expands well beyond three million pounds of clothing, all categorized by style and decade year. The finer pieces can be found on display at the recently built 7,500 sq./ft showroom space. Fifteen highly cureated stories will help you shop for inspiration and give some insight into the archive.  These pieces will either be for sale or rent depending on uniqueness. Stories include: American Workwear, American Sport, American Camp, American Moto, 70's Moto, Vintage Coca Cola, American Maritime/Nautical, American Indian, American Cowboy, Military, 50s/60s Retro Bowling, Surf & Skate, Levis, Mens Haberdashery, Shoes & Accessories

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