Modern basic wear” is a concept BEAMS PLUS has presented for a long period. Based on the American uniform culture that arose during America’s “golden era”, functions and timeless designs of the 4 categories, American traditional, Work, Sports and Military have become the basics of today’s clothing culture.
This season, BEAMS PLUS explores the fascination of each uniform category by respecting the original designs and backgrounds. The surprising modern updates in the BEAMS PLUS SS16 collection will become a new standard for the coming generation, but it will still be an extension of the progress which America has pursued in the old days.
Traditional summer suits made of elasticized COOLMAX®, an homage to the motorcycle jacket that Marlon Brando wore in the movie “The Wild One”, applicable travel wear using military wear functions with high adaptability to environmental change, and old fashioned comfortable sport’s wear.
SPECS are updated with the times, but the roots will always have an authentic American background. This season, BEAMS PLUS will feature the new interpretation of these “ROOTS”.

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