Yesterday I received my copy of the very rare book called Japan Jacket by Tailor Toyo.

A Japan jacket is a reversible and embroidered tour jacket with either a map of Japan showing the major cities or a motif of a tiger, dragon or hawk and Mount Fuji. A Japan Jacket is known as SUKA JUN, abbreviation of two words. SUKA refers to the city of Yokosuka, just south of Tokyo and the home port of the U.S. Navy 7th Fleet. This is the largest naval base in the Far East. JUN refers to a jumper or a jacket. In short, the Japan Jacket is a tour jacket born in the city of Yokosuka.

The roots of its history could be credited to a serviceman who took his jacket to a tailor shop and had it embroidered with his name and decorated with colourful oriental designs while stationed there in the 1950s. The jackets soon became popular among the servicemen as a souvenir of their Japan tour or shore leave. These jackets were sold at gift shops in all towns or cities where men from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines were stationed. Of course, military PXs and base concessionaires sold them as well. For the servicemen, it was an ideal gift to send home to family and friends. It became a shared clothing item for both the East and the West.

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