Last week I paid a visit to The Globe, Arnhem one of my favorite stores in the eastern part of The Netherlands. The Globe started as a vintage store in 1969. After that it became a outdoor store and today it is rocking with the best curated collection of RRL, Red Wing, Grenson, Stone Island, Gloverall. Nike and and and....do I have to say more?
This time I concentrated myself on the props they use in the store. You can find a nice
collection of scissors hanging on a door, a wall filled with skulls in the fitting room and what about the wall outside with typical Dutch "mattekloppers" (carpet-beaters). There are stacks of Lp's laying on the floor and if you're lucky the guys will put your favorite song on the turntable.

Ps. I want to thank you for the Xmas boxershort and if it will happen, when wear it on Xmas day we will call him or her "little miracle" 

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