Last Sunday I was biking through my town and all of a sudden I stood face to face with an original American Diner. Hidden in the middle of a park close to the centre of Almere. The Diner dates back to the late 40s and it's original place was Philipsburg, NJ. at the border of Pennsylvania & New Jersey in a Philipsburg was the gateway between those 2 States that's why they called it the Gateway Diner.

The legend was that the Rolling Stones ate here in the 1970's and raved about its authentic 'Jersey "diner culture". This was probably a stopping-off point between gigs in NYC and Philadelphia.

After some wandering around through Germany, the Gateway Diner opened it's door in 2010 at it's present location Beatrix Park, Almere. Finally I found my place to get that American Experience and sip on a original made Milkshake......I'll be back. (most pics are mine except the first & last ones) 

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