Bernhard Gant 1949
Ralph Lauren 1967
Tommy Hilfiger 1985

The preppy look started after the WWII people got more sparetime then ever and they also dressed themself more casual then ever. Mr. Bernhard Gantmacher, started his company Gant in 1949 in New Haven, CT., know at that time as Gant Shirtmakers. Ralph Lifshitz started in 1967 with a few ties under the label "Polo" In 1972 he released the polo pique shirt in 24 colors with the polo emblem and the rest is history. In 1985, Tommy Hilfiger started his preppy journey with some guerilla marketing on Times Square, New York.  Happy 25th anniversary Tommy!

Tommy's guerilla campagne 1985

Can you fill in the blank spots?

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remco said...

Ralph Lauren
Perry Ellis
Calvin Klein
Tommy Hilfiger

WHAT DO I WIN??? :-)