Here's a look at the new Ralph Lauren Flagship Store in Paris. The store has five floors and it carries the brand's complete collections, even a restaurant is located in the building. After 4 years of renovation, Ralph himself opened the store on the 15th of April. If you wanna walk through the same doors as Ralph, you need to call a cab to 173, Boulevard St. Germain in the Latin Quarter of Paris.


MR N D Buckham said...

The time, effort, enthusiasm and yes love that has gone into this store is incredible.
Having sold Ralph you really have to love Ralph. It would be a privilege to work in this store. Make no mistake you have to be really on your game. Product knowledge above and beyond the norm. A superior attitude, dressing well and haute demeanour is wrong. Love of the product, people skills to rival an ambassador of a small country and an understanding, a real understanding of Ralph’s beliefs is paramount. Kudos to you all. From the domestique to the store manager you all deserve to be there if you have that in spades. Wonderful stuff.


Mr. N D Buckham thank you for your comment. I always enjoy taling to The staff of Ralph