During my visit to Capsule Paris I bumped into Matty Moeck who enthusiastically presented me the M.Nii collection.  The story of M.Nii goes back to the 50's on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The village Makaha was a surfer's paradise on the west side of the island. Down the road, at a mom-and pop tailor shop called M.Nii, some of the first surf trunks were made. First local wave riders brought their "baggies" to M.Nii's for repairs. Recognizing the need for durability and comfort M.Nii built simple trunks made specifically for surfing. With feedback from some of the best surfers of that era, he added stripes, wax pockets, patches. They earned a nickname the "Makaha Drowner".
Today it's a full collection with of course the surf shorts but also shirts, Tees, Sweaters, trousers and even blazers styles which "the Duke" would had love to wear. You can find M.Nii @ Barney’s, Steven Alan, Ron Herman, Beams Japan. Let the summer start and let the waves hit the shore, I'm ready.

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