As the temperature is reaching higher figures, it's time to get yourself some new Polo Piques.
The Go To Hell polo's are a great summer staple combine it with your colored chino's or with a white jeans.

Love 'em or hate 'em, "go-to-hell" is a cornerstone of the Ivy American style. The first embroidered clothes, where pants designed with whales. In 1976, prominent author and dandy Tom Wolfe coined the term “go-to-hell” in an Esquire article about country club communities and the preps that inhabit them.  Wolfe explained that the pants were prevalent throughout these regions, as men paired them with their traditional navy blazers and OCBD’s making the pants nearly impossible to miss.  Around the same time that Wolfe came out with his article larger menswear companies such as Brooks Brothers, J. Press, and Ralph Lauren began producing their versions of the pants, making the pants a cornerstone in any traddy summer wardrobe. (polo's from below to top - Gant, Carhartt, Tommy Hilfiger)

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My Favorite Fit said...

Yeah! You know this makes me happy. Love the background info you wrote on the 'Go to hell' polo pique :)