After a Swedish climbing expedition to Greenland in 1966, it became obvious that the selection of outdoor clothing was much to limited. Using an unusually durable fabric that had proven itself too heavy for the lightweight tents of the time, Fjällräven's founder Åke Nordin, made a climbing jacket - the first Fjällräven jacket. After adding a beeswax and paraffin mixture, the fabric turned out to be perfect for functional outdoor clothing. It was named G-1000 (G for Greenland) and the wax was called Greenland wax. I visited the showrooms of Fjällräven in Holland, during some cup's of coffee Thomas Koster told me everything about the history of the brand, the functionality of the products and showed me how G-1000 works on a remake of the first Greenland (called Greenland No 1). The brand placed waxed stations (as seen on the picture) in some major stores, just to explain to the costumer how to play around with the Greenland wax. Different weather conditions means different use of the wax. And of course  they have the Kanken in the showroom as well. Pick your color whether you like funky colors or just a basic color you name it. it's there. Ps. I like the wooden sculpture of the Arctic Fox, it all  comes together, the logo of the brand, outdoor and nature.

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