Recently, I paid a visit to the showrooms of Pendleton & Filson in Amsterdam. Tobias of Tobi's Agency welcomed me with some coffee and soon we talked about our passion, Americana. In the eighties he get this Americana virus, working in a (vintage) clothing store in Amsterdam and finally started in the 90's his import/agency with true American products like Pendleton, Filson and Dickies. As a passionate fly-fisher he knows what he can expect from a Filson product and this knowledge he transfer to his dealers. The showroom houses in an old warehouse of a former Amsterdam shipyard and still you can see the dry dock in front of the building. The main floor is reserved for the collections of Dickies, Armor Lux and Pendleton blankets and the mezzanine is filled with all kind of Filson bags, tin cloth pants, cruiser jackets, tin cloth hats and even fly fishing cases. Tobias, I'm looking forward to another cup of coffee.

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