Good morning America, from the Brooklyn Diner
Flight Club, NY - Nike Blazer

View from the Milkstudio ain't bad at all
GANT Rugger Photoshoot in the Milkstudio

GANT Rugger Store, Prince Street
Pocket Square from Freeman Sporting Club

MOMA on a Fridaynight = FREE

Timothy Oulton at ABC

This morning I was early out of bed and curious about the things to happen. Yesterday I was invited by Christopher Bastin for the GANT Rugger photoshoot in the Milkstudios. It wasn't  just me who showed up but also Justin Chang & Lawrence Schlossman (from sartorially inclined). For me this was the very first time to attend at a photoshoot. Thereafter it was time to get back to where it all happened yesterday. I walked to Prince Street, to the GANT Rugger store to have a moment of my own. Yesterday it was so crowded that you couldn't see how beautiful the store is. For those who want to see some pictures of the crowd on Friday Fashion Night Out check here.

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