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Levi's Vintage
Nigel Cabourn and his team

Today, I visted the Bread & Butter in Berlin. Above you see some pictures of the fair. For my the best part was meeting Mr. Nigel Cabourn after being refused at first hand because I didn't had an appointment. The man himself invited me in his world. We talked a little about the collection etc. The next best thing was the booth of Levi's Vintage, they had a great presentation of a mood board and all those miniature garments. The miniture garments go back in the days that the sales guys travelled around through the country with just a suitcase filled with miniature pants to show the customer the different washes etc. At Barbour I really liked the tribute jacket for 1963, 500 mile Mojave desert race and the yellow "dip dyed" coat from the Beacon Collection. When you called for a cab you could end up in a real New York yellow cab arranged by Tommy Denim.

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