On my last trip to the States, I entered the world of The Stronghold Company on 1625 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice. I spoke with Brittany Paradise, she just returned from Amsterdam where she used to work for Dept. She told me in a very enthusiastic way the history of the brand, which started in 1895. In that time the jeans was just produced for the area, Levi's was produced for the San Francisco area and The Stronghold for the Los Angeles area. It was produced till 1949, if you see an old Hollywood movie and Charly Chaplin is wearing his denim overall you are damn sure that this is a Stronghold. As from 2004 the label is back on the market, made with the old world workmanship, selvage fabric, and trim of the original, with a distinctly modern style, fit, and finish. You can buy your jeans of the rack or a made to measure, which will be specially made for you in house on the first floor. Whenever you are in Venice, CA. go see this great store.

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