The designers at Gant Rugger appear to have hit the books in preparation for the Spring 2010 collection. Or at least one book: “Take Ivy,” the 1965 Japanese photo book hyped to the max on the Web the past couple of years.
The sartorial motifs of “Take Ivy” abound in the Rugger collection, mixed and matched with colors changed. There are hooded rain slickers, shorts worn with white socks and loafers, skinny chinos with untucked oxfords, jeans with the pant legs rolled up, and canvas sneakers sans socks.

There’s also the wool and leather varsity jacket:
And the varsity windbreaker with striped collar and cuffs, worn with shorts:
And the hooded rain slicker, also paired with shorts
And finally the untucked, sleeves-rolled oxford accessorized with bicycle:

It's great to see how the guys from ivy-style.com make the comparison between the GANT Rugger Spring 10 collection and a book made in the 60's by a Japanese photographer. The rest of the story you can read for yourself on www.ivy-style.com

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