Durable, water-repellent, and if I may say so, pretty damn badass. Popularized by European sailors in the nineteenth century, the peacoat was cut from a fabric originally known as P-cloth (from the Dutch pij, a type of coarse weave monks use to wear) and later called pilot cloth, worn by those who steered—that is, piloted—ships. If ever there was a collar made for popping, this is it. But unlike with polos, flipping up the collar not only looks cool but protects you from the wind, rain, and snow.
 You can never go wrong with navy (get it?), but don't be afraid to consider peacoats in other colors and patterns, like camel, gray, or even Denim. Same coat, new look. (some pictures from the November shoot of GQ, camel peacoat by GANT, Brown moleskin peacoat by Dsquared, Short grey peacoat, Fidelity by Gerald & Stewart. Further denim peacoat by Mister Freedom, Denim Peacoat with stamp by RRL Peacoat Chukka's by VANS)

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