Well finally it's sunday, time to pick up that beautiful coffeetable book that you have. Like I picked up The West by Richard Phibbs.

Phibbs's love of the West came naturally. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, home to Canada's Calgary Stampede, one of the world's great rodeos. The landscapes of Phibbs's childhood are the background of his most evocative and authentic images: stark plains and endless prairies, weathered barns and fences, an empty horizon rolling to an open sky. This minimalism rooted in nature shaped Phibbs's aesthetic from the beginning. 
Peopling the western landscapes of his childhood was that archetypal hero, the cowboy. Phibbs's modern cowboys are sensitively rendered; looking into their eyes, you connect with decades of tradition while experiencing an electric shock of immediacy.
Phibbs's artful images — iconic portraits of cowboys, horses as wild and free as the wide-open spaces, a dog working its herd with skillful grace, a saddle weathered with work and time — find their deserved setting in Paredes's careful editing, with comparisons and contrasts that amplify each photo's emotional resonance. With the eye that brings Ralph Lauren's vision to life in stores and showrooms around the world, Parades crafts a book that is, truly, a tribute to the American spirit.

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