GANT Rugger @  Abbott Kinney BLVD, called by GQ the coolest block in America and won the LA Racked Award for Best Men's Store 2012. 
Do I need more reasons to pay them a visit? I was welcomed by Rene & Danny, who showed me around and told me that the flooring came from an old gym. The fitting rooms are made from old doors and the wall system is a Danish design from the 50s designed by Poul Cadovius. The store is cleaner then the stores I visited in New York. call it "West Coast Style". In the store you can find the collections of Gant Rugger, Yale Shirts and Gant by Michael Bastian. Even a nicely curated collection of Gant By Michal Bastian for the girls. Rene & Danny told me that some Hollywood celebs already found their way to the store, just to drop a name Ed Helms (Hangover) is a regular.

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Laura said...

It's a great store. One of my faves on the AK.