History lesson

As a renowned craftsman Antonio Cappello opened his first workshop in 1908 in the country side of Monteroni di Lecce, Italy. Antonio left his inheritance to his two sons, Alfredo and Giovanni. In 1948 the two sons changed the name of the family business to Fracap, put together from FRAtello CAPpello (Cappello Brothers). In 1987, Alfred's sons, Anthony and Michael, took over the reins of the family business and expanding their portfolio by launching a line of shoes that became a rapid military success, ranging from the Italian Army, the Airforce and the Navy. Until a few years ago Fracap was known for only producing locally and for the Japanese market where they became a European favorite for their hiking boots. For Spring/Summer Fracap stick to their roots of boot makers, but also embraces the boatshoes, you can choose from different soles and along with that a full range of uppers, yes even a leopard print. For more info about the brand and where they are sold in the Benelux  fracapbenelux@gmail.com

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