New York in the early morning
J.Crew liquor Store
An original Diner - Square Diner

GQ & Nordstrom's Pop Up Store
Schoolhouse Electric
Hudson Street - Thom Browne @ nbr 100
Jack Spade & Barbour

Jack Spade Store @ Greene Street

Onassis Store @ Greene Street
Burger Joint @ Parker Meridian Hotel

J.Crew Store on Madison - The Vault
Nike Town NFL Display
P.J. Clarke's -  great steaks
Time Square @ night

Today I made a lot of miles by foot and that's exactly what I feel right now - my feet hurts and are full of blisters, but what the hack. It was a great day, beautiful weather and great food.  Breakfast at Square Diner homemade eggs benedict, yammie. And what about lunch at The Burger Joint, a "restaurant" tucked away in the Parker Meridian Hotel, the best hamburger in town!! Last but not least P.J. Clarke's here I enjoyed a great steak with sweat potato fries. Not only the restaurants, but also the stores I saw were great today. Too much to tell, one in particular was the Jack Spade in Greene Street, they had their collaboration with Barbour on display. Great jackets and beautiful bags in the waxed cloth we are used to from Barbour. Another store I liked was the Onassis Store also on Greene Street, great display and nice people in the store. Overwhelming was the entrance @ Nike Town all those football players and a mega USA flag made of baseball balls.

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