Inventor Paul Sperry
How it all begun
Advertisements from the past 
JFK and Paul Newman made boatshoes popular
The Authentic Original aka A/O
It's all about details
Collaborations with Band of Outsiders, Penfield and Jeffrey's

It all started when Paul Sperry bought himself a Nova Scotia Schooner back in the 30s. He learned that a wet deck was very hazardous with ordinary sneakers even with crepe soles which were fine on a dry deck but felt like roller skating when wet. On a winter's day in Connecticut he let his cocker spaniel dog Prince out for a morning exercise, he seemed to have no trouble running all over the snow-covered backyard. Mr. Sperry looked at the paws of his dog and saw little cracks or cuts going in all directions. An idea was born. He took a piece of rubber, cut it with a penknife, and cemented it under an ordinary pair of sneakers. These wave-like grooves became the inspiration for Mr. Sperry's latest patent, called Razor-Siping and maximized the traction. The Authentic Original Sperry Top-Sider was first introduced in 1935, sold for $ 4,50 a pair from a rented office space in New Haven, CT. Every pair was sold via direct mail, upon a certain moment that Abercrombie & Fitch placed an order, and Mr. Perry gave them the exclusive rights in New York. The popularity of Sperry as a casual shoe grew after WWII. During the 1950s when the restrictions on the use of rubber were lifted and the fact that pictures of John F. Kennedy and Paul Newman in boatshoes where spread around the world, made people want to look like their idol. Today, more then 75 years later, the brand has some great collaborations going on with Band of Outsiders, Penfield and Jeffrey's just to name a few. "Sperry a passion for the sea"

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