Country House, Rotterdam was founded by Harry Polderman in 1981. He was one of the pioneers of the Dutch Denim scene. The first Country House at the Oude Binnenweg was closed down 5 years ago, but like a sphinx it raised from his ashes. Last year October, after 8 weeks of hard labor and with a warehouse stocked with vintage industrial furniture and lamps, Harry opened "Country House - Authentic Blue". This store is based on Iconic brands like Pendleton, Filson Bags, CP Company, Levi's Vintage, Redwing, Barbour, Lee 101, "Big E" to name a few heroes. With a friendly team, great coffee and a fine selection of merchandise, the message is clear. Harry tells me that clients from the"old" Country House already find their way back to the store, but also a new group loves to buy here. Authentic Blue is back in the city of blue collars. 

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