Paul Newman in a Lee Storm Rider Jacket

A Raw Denim, A used and an inside out Lee Storm Rider
the original labels
"Loco" Jacket
Chambray Quilted overshirt

Alaskan lining blanket

Tonight, I paid a visit to the Lee Showrooms in Amsterdam and I got a full explanation from Rutger on one of the icons of the brand. 

In 1931, Lee introduced the famous Lee Rider jacket. It was a slim jacket that had inward slanted breast pockets for easy access. This jacket was introduced with the cowboy in mind. The "Slim" jacket was the very first shorter, more tailored western-style jacket. In 1933, Lee launched what was to become one of its most famous designs, the Storm Rider Jacket. It was a winter version of the "Slim" Lee Rider Jacket and it featured a Alaskan Blanket lining, a product which was used for horse blankets. And it had a corduroy collar, which was softer for the neck than a denim collar. 

For Fall/Winter 2012 the Alaskan Lining of the Storm Rider Jacket is the red thread of the Lee 101 line. The lining is used several garments for example in a chambray quilted overshirt, on belts, wallets a Denim "Loco" Jacket coated with Teflon and even the chairs are covered with the Alaskan lining. You can find the Lee 101 collections at selected dealers throughout Europe.

After several hours, lots of info and photo's I went home, not brainwashed, but stonewashed.

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