In 1979 a movie by Franc Roddam produced by the Who becomes a cult, representing a phenomenon that is the symbol of the made in England of the Sixties. The movie was Quadrophenia (as the 1973 Who album) and at that time it was the comeback of the Mod culture, a term that is short for "modernist", initially used to define fans of modern jazz dressed in an elegant and sober way. The Mods started in the Fifties in London a young working class decides to create music, but it's the attitude and style that make the British phenomenon grow.  Mods identified by the famous symbol of blue, red and white circles, logo of the Royal Air Force. The music of The Who, Small Faces, The Birds, and The Kinks, driving on their Vespa scooters equipped with the most extravagant mirrors. The film is a journey back in time to the fashion of the era, with fur parkas, polo shirts, trousers model Sta-prest (stay pressed) by Levi's, Gauloises cigarettes and partying until the early hours. So time to put on your Clark Desert Boots, your Fred Perry Polo and your army green Parka and meet me in the city.

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