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Yesterday, I received my package which I ordered at The Knottery. The men behind the Knottery, Jack and Jay, inform their customers concerning the goods they sell and the brand identity they call, Attainable Style: "We run a small company who knows what the men of today are looking for (besides love, as they say). In the real world, a man should be able to afford a tie he loves and not be forced to love the the tie he can't afford. The vision: affordable style for the initiated; attainable style to the beginner. This isn't your grandfather's haberdasher (unless he wants it to be). W've created limited runs of ties we want to wearand hope you will like 'em too" Well I do and not only the ties, but also the belts, the lapel flowers and the handkerchiefs........I'll be back soon with my next order! (Sportcoats by Gant, pants by Gant by Michael Bastian)

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