Robert Mitchum gets his hands on Simone Silva

Mitchumm shirt patterns

Mitchumm cuffs with mother of pearl buttons

Mitchumm Industries @ Capsule Paris 2012

The first time I got in contact with the brand Mitchumm Industries was at The Capsule Show, Paris. They presented a full range of shirts and scarfs all stone washed with BIO wash. All shirts come with 100% mother of pearl buttons. A cool detail on the shirt is that the last button is made in a red heart-shaped button (damn, wish I had a picture to show you). The brand is a tribute to California and the American actor Robert Mitchum, the brand was born in 1976 on the West Coast in Manhattan Beach near Los Angeles. started with some T-shirts and printed swimtrunks.  Since 1983 the collection is in Italian hands and expanded to a full range. Alessandro Tino melts the best of both worlds, the American roots and the "made in Italy" identity.

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