Sign of Cooperstown Bats, Cooperstown, NY
Saugatuck Rowing Club
Mercedes on a Nantucket, MA driveway
Yale, New Haven, CT
J.Press, New Haven, CT
Louis Lunch, the birthplace of the Hamburger 
GANT Campus Store, New Haven, CT
Drydocking Martha's Vineyard, MA
Pick me up in Newport, RI
Lobster Shack, on every corner of the East Coast
Lobster traps
Nice ride Hyannis, Ma
Country Store, Roseboom, NY
Yammie Yammie
Black Dog, Dock House Martha's Vineyard, Ma
On a driveway somewhere at the East Coast

Yep, I'm back and man did I had a great trip, I travelled through 8 States and drove 2500 miles, this is the first part of my trip through a part of the East Coast. Spend some time in New York State, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In Connecticut, I visited the birthplace of the Hamburger, Louis Lunch (sorry, but it is maybe the birthplace but they don't have the best burger) and the Gant Campus Store, which was bigger as I expected with very nice staff (Thanks Eric, for letting me take some pictures). On Nantucket, I biked to Sconset, a true New England village. And on Martha's Vineyard, I visited the harbor of Menemsha where parts of the movie Jaws was shot. What about Cooperstown, NY the birthplace of baseball, the town is packed with stores with baseball memorabilia. And everywhere I came I saw these beauties of Old-Timers, I wish I had a parking spot left on my drive, would love to have an old school 4 wheel drive.

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