Earnest Sewn is a denim brand, which sets itself apart by updating the American heritage lifestyle and brings a collection of denim and denim related products, that shows a commitment to quality and workmanship. Designed and launched by Scott Morrison, the name stands for "product sewn in earnest". There are in total 3 stores, one in Malibu, CA and two in New York. The idea of the interior is of an old general store, polished copper tin ceilings, industrial lighting fixtures and brickwork. They don't just sell their own denim products, but also brands like Barbour, Moscot, Filson, Molskine. I was lucky to visit both stores in New York in February. Visit them yourself on: 821 Washington Street (Meatpacking) and 90 Orchard Street (Lower East Side) and when you travel to Malibu, CA., you can find them 3835 Cross Creek. (Pictures shown above are from 3 different stores.)

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