As those harsh winter days are coming we have to keep ourselves comfy don't you agree? And cord has that look and feel. We don't want to look like that old grumpy science teacher so bear in mind some tips.

1) Go for Classic Colors:
Corduroy is all about texture. So let that take center stage and choose a color that's classic but not put-you-to-bed boring. Go for hunter green, rich marine blue, or teddy bear brown.

2) Keep It Crispy:
Unlike leather, corduroy does not look better with age. Retire anything with too-worn cuffs, or get messed-up elbows or knees. If it's too far gone (and you should know when that happens), pick up a crisp new blazer or pant with an updated fit.

 3) Know Your Wale:
Corduroy comes in varying degrees of thick or thin wale (this refers to the ribs of the fabric). You should go for thin to medium. Thick-wale corduroy slides too quickly into leisure-suit territory.

4) Get the Fit Just Right:
Resist the urge to get too comfy in your cords. This blazer should fit as sharply as any other suit jacket. If it doesn't fit that way off the rack, take it to a tailor

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