Must have of the FRADI collection for the spring / summer 2018 is the “Postage”, the exclusive and innovative Pocket Jacket that introduces a new concept of dress.

The iconic “Postage” signed by FRADI breaks the rules and goes beyond the impeccable style features of the traditional jacket mixing them with the most typical of knit garments as comfort, adherence and easy fit.
The result is a Pocket Jacket made of soft jersey with compact and ultralight textures, which is reflected in a wide range of colors ranging from blue to solid color or to white, with neutral shades like gray and mud.
Innovative technical features such as fabric that does not bother to ensure a look that is always in order, plus extreme versatility make the FRADI “Postage” signature the perfect garment to be worn from early spring until the end of summer and combined with the vault At times differently with shirts, shirts, vests or T-shirts becomes the passepartout garment for every occasion and the touch of distinctive style to complete every look.

To emphasize the uniqueness of the new Pocket Jacket FRADI the special packaging that encloses it: an original envelope with a postage, which gives the “Postage” icon even more exclusive.

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