The Movie

Alice & Roy Holubar
Vintage ad from the 70's

 We all know the movie The Deerhunter with Robert de Niro in his iconic Orange Mountain Jacket, but a few know that this jacket is a Holubar Jacket.

Holubar began informally in 1946 in the basement of Alice and Roy Holubar’s house in Boulder, Colorado, when they decided to buy World War II mountaineering equipment from an army surplus warehouse to supply the many outdoor enthusiasts in the area. Soon after, they started to sew down-filled sleeping bags and then also parkas and backpacks. When an important order came from the Arctic Institute of North America a year later, they bought a business license and started formal operations. To make a long story short in 1981 North Face took over the company and a iconic American brand disappeared. In 2008/9 there was this Italian clothing company Fritz SRL seeking to bring back the heritage of a great American outdoor brand. Based in Northern Italy in the city of Pordenone. This Fall/Winter 2016 collection is their fifth season ready to make you The Urban Deer Hunter.

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