Tailgate started in the basement of Dennis Snyder, an engineer from Ames Iowa, and was helmed early on by his son Todd. “It started as a hobby, a way for my dad and me to bond,” is the way Todd explains Tailgate’s humble beginnings. “We’d make shirts for college sport fans and then sell them at the games out of the back of my dad’s car.” Back then, neither of them thought that they were forming a company, they were just sharing their passion for collegiate sports with like minded people.
Since starting in his dad’s basement, however, Todd has gone on to design men’s sportswear for J-Crew and the Gap, and outerwear for Ralph Lauren Polo, before returning to J-Crew as the Senior Vice President of menswear. He now runs his own design label under the name that his father gave him: Todd Snyder; and devotes to the label the same kind care for quality crafting that he and his father began making T-shirts with. (pics via Acre)

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30 South Clinton St. Iowa City, Iowa

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