Realm & Empire,  was born out of a desire to create something new in a market saturated by suspect ‘heritage’ claims. Each new season begins with a new field trip to IWM (Imperial War Museums), the British museum that provides the incredible source of inspiration for the brand.

With a journal in the back pocket, a camera to hand and a genuine enthusiasm for scouting out interesting pieces of the past, inspiration is sought and investigated sifting through archived garments, documents, artefacts and photographs, made accessible to us by IWM, as references for the next collection.

It’s a unique collaboration that sees an archive of such overwhelming historical importance creatively interpreted by the Realm & Empire team into contemporary, stylish menswear collections. The authority of IWM ensures all Realm & Empire apparel is fundamentally inspired by real history and British heritage. Whilst only a small percentage of the IWM’s archive is on full view in the public museums, Realm & Empire has access to it all.

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