The lookbook of Beams+ shows us how to be Preppy 2.0

San Francisco, CA is known as a port city in the US west coast that fostered rich culture with its liberal atmosphere. The Beat Generation in the 1950’s, the Summer of Love in the 60’s, and the Backpacker Boom in the 70’s are some examples. San Francisco made them realized by accepting various people from different backgrounds. Today, San Francisco bay area hosts many I.T and high-tech companies and entrepreneurs from all over the states. On the other hand, the city still has classic charm of the authentic American traditional style, as well. The men’s store “Cable Car Clothiers” has been loved by the locals since 1939 and they wear tweed jackets in the chilly morning.
In this season, BEAMS PLUS presents the collection that focuses on the diversity of San Francisco, the city that values both liberal ideas and old traditions. The brand has updated American traditional styles again by using nostalgic outdoor details, hippy style patchwork, and advanced fabrics.

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