As always before I plan a trip to the States, I surf the web to find some interesting stores in the area.
Travelling to Florida is a challenge of finding such stores, but I found a hidden gem in Miami.
Driving on I95 South from Boca Raton with Will Smith's song Welcome to Miami from the speakers I end up in Midtown Miami at Supply & Advise.

I had a nice chat with Kevin Beltran, one of the founders of Supply & Advise. They started some year ago with, as they call it the pop-up store filled with American Made sportswear. 
Brands like, Alden, Red Wing, York Street, Levi's Vintage, Engineerd Garments, Gant Rugger, Filson, The Hill-Side etc. displayed in a military yet urban environment. Kevin told me that they are planning to open some more locations throughout Miami. Maybe even some more in some colder area's because they love layering and that's difficult with the temperatures in Miami.

If you head to Miami Beach in the near future, make sure you make a detour.

Supply & Advise
3322 N. Miami Avenue

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