Midori launches TRAVELER'S notebook STAR edition
To celebrate the 5th year existence of the passport size TRAVELER'S notebook, Midori teamed up with Hong Kong based STAR ferry company and launches its STAR EDITION limited edition.
The range's gem is the camel color leather cover with an emerald elastic band, the same as the limited edition for the regular size TRAVELER'S notebook two years back. The range further includes a BRASS pen, BRASS clips, stamps, masking tapes and other accessories to customize your TRAVELER'S notebook.

STAR Ferry ltd., Hong Kong
STAR ferry company is a Hong Kong based ferry company that still operates the Victoria Harbour today. With the STAR edition TRAVELER'S notebook and the paper refill, a ticket for this ferry ride is included (valid until December 31st 2013). The limited edition series is heavily inspired by the details of the ferry company, like the deep green hues, brass details and marina artifacts. (or more pics click here)

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