A genuine British heritage brand.

Belstaff's history can be dated back to 1924, when it was founded by Harry Grosberg in Stoke-on-Trent. The first company to use the now famous 'Wax Cotton', Belstaff originally produced waterproof, breathable garments for both men and women. The phoenix logo which sits on iconic designs such as the Trialmaster was chosen to symbolise continuity and renewal through both good times and bad. Renowned for its legendary jackets, Belstaff's patrons of the past have included motocross prodigy Sammy Miller, the revolutionary Che Guevara, Amelia Earhart and the ‘king of cool’ Steve McQueen. Belstaff's classic belted wax cotton 4-pocket jacket became an instantly recognizable staple on the racetrack and in the city streets.

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